What Are the Best Longevity Supplements?

best longevity supplements

Best Longevity Supplements this site are those that work for their users. You will find that there are hundreds of supplements on the market. Most of them claim that they have something that can increase your life span. However, not all of them work. Here is a guide to identify the best longevity supplements that have proven scientifically to be effective.

melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytamine) – This is one of the best longevity supplements that have been clinically proven to help promote healthy aging. Melatonin (also called melatonin thiamine or M-chloratonin hydrochloride) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by your pineal gland (more commonly known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus). It controls your body’s clock. It helps the body to understand when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. A study conducted in Finland has shown that melatonin can delay the aging process and help you live longer.

Ginkgo biloba – This is another one of the best longevity supplements that can help slow down the aging process and improve overall health. It has been used for centuries in different forms to treat diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Ginkgo has the ability to increase blood flow in the body, increase energy levels and help with stress response. Studies show that ginkgo has antiinflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant and chemo-protective properties. As it is obtained from a tree, ginkgo biloba must be processed carefully to avoid toxic chemicals that could harm the human body.

Muira Puama – This is another of the best longevity supplements that has been proven to fight against the aging process. This herb has been found effective in various studies conducted in Brazil and the Andes mountains. The scientists have discovered Muira Puama as being able to stop the insulin/blood sugar levels from going down. It also contains high amounts of amino acids and various nutrients that can help protect the body from the effects of aging. The chemical composition of the herb is very similar to the body protein “amygdala” which is responsible for memory and emotional regulation.

Green Tea – One of the best longevity supplements that has the capability to reduce oxidative stress and at the same time help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. However, this is one herb whose effectiveness has not been fully studied yet. Studies say that drinking tea every day can significantly reduce the risks of developing heart disease, but the exact mechanisms are yet unknown. Green tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants which prevent oxidative stress by removing free radicals that cause cells to deteriorate.

Biohacking – this is yet another term that is used in the supplement industry. It involves the use of an enzyme called “kinase” to increase or decrease the production of certain chemicals or other molecules. These products are usually marketed as being able to help increase the “rate of aging.” You must remember that biohacking or bio-hacking is strictly not allowed in some respected online health forums. That’s why it’s better to consult a doctor before trying out any of these products.